• Magra

    Calorie meter, pedometer, nutritionist in your phone. Social networks aspect gathered people from South of America around this application.


    - Top 30 of Heath & Fitness category of US Store;

    - rebuild based existing source in short term;

    - migrate iOS client to different server model on the fly;

    - organise work simultaneously with two servers;

    - complex algorithm of merging user's data.

  • Epoxy

    Everything you need for your favourite businesses at your fingertips. Digital rewards, loyalty cards, gift cards, menu, working hours, driving directions, even reviews with photos is there.


    - Support during 3 years —> x3 growing;

    - new version from scratch;

    - PayPal, Stripe integration;

    - complex loyalty cards logic;

    - gift cards mechanism using deep-linking.

  • FindHRR

    Private social network.


    - Tune XMPP based chat;

    - x7 growing audience;

    - significant increase performance of the application.

  • HaftaHave

    Shopping application.


    - QR code’s recognition;

    - deep integration with Tesseract library;

    - quick growing of start-up;

    - #1 Best New App in the App Store 4/16/2016.

  • HandyBoy

    E-commerce platform for bartenders, servers, masseurs, personal trainers, housekeepers, yard workers, errand boys, pool boys.


    - Implementation from scratch;

    - Agile approach to work;

    - AB testing;

    - multi-roles application;

    - BrainTreePayment with sub-merchant account;

    - full booking flow process.

  • Fiitizens

    Social fitness game. Upload your fitness video and get upvotes.


    - Unique, innovative upvote system;

    - stabilisation application —> x2 downloads;

    - improving feed scrolling speed.

  • TuTask

    Internal task management system for middle size IT company.


    - Dynamic layout;

    - Trello-like board;

    - continuous delivery approach;

    - complex, multiple levels task management logic.